zOS Development with Rational Team Concert V4.0!

It’s been a great week here at Innovate 2012! The week started out with the announcement of the CLM 2012 release, including Rational Team Concert V4.0. I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks about some of the cool new stuff available for our z developers in this release, but in the meantime I wanted to share with you a recording I put together that runs through a build, promote, and deploy scenario using the mortgage application that’s now included in the Money that Matters sample. If you’d like to try the scenario on your own, make sure you assign yourself a Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms license before creating the sample. The setup instructions and scenario steps are available here on jazz.net. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re paying close attention you’ll notice I say I’m packaging and deploying the test data sets, but I show that I’m packaging and deploying the dev data sets. We have an open work item to update the sample to be packaging from test. You can modify your packaging definition to refer to mortgage.test rather than mortgage.dev to package the test-level outputs.

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