Trying the Enterprise Extensions on your own

Happy 2012! As this is my first blog post of the new year, it seems fitting that it be about beginnings and starting from scratch. This post is a response to two of the most common requests I receive: would you demo the z capabilities in RTC for my team, and could you show me how I can try the z capabilities myself.  I have prepared a demo, broken into two parts, showing how you can quickly install and configure the Jazz Team Server on your own machine and get started with the Enterprise Extensions. The demo is meant to reflect how I set up my own system for the purpose of giving demos and testing capabilities, NOT how you would actually set things up in a production environment.

Part 1 includes:

1. Installing the Jazz Team Server.
2. Running the Jazz Team Server setup wizard.
3. Creating the Money that Matters sample.
4. Connecting to your new project area from the Rational Team Concert eclipse client.
5. Creating a new stream and selecting it for source code data scanning.
6. Importing and sharing the sample mortgage application.
7. Running the system definition generator and delivering the updated sample application.

Part 2 includes:

1. Creating a Rational Build Agent engine.
2. Creating and configuring a dependency build definition.
3. Creating a “builder” id.
4. Requesting a dependency build.
5. Creating a second stream and dependency build definition for promotion.
6. Creating and configuring a promotion definition.

I hope you find these videos helpful, and as always you can find more information out on

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